Real food, real life

Hi there! I’m Alexandra. Welcome to my first blog post!

Well, it isn’t really my first blog post; I’ve written different blogs throughout the years, starting in high school when I was inspired by Julie & Julia to share my cooking hobby with the world wide web.

My interest in food (and passion for wellness) grew over the years, from researching these subjects on my own as a teenager, to studying food science in college, to graduate coursework in clinical nutrition and public health, finally bringing me to medical school, where I am today.  I’m almost finished with my first year, and it’s been a totally wild ride.

Today’s post will be quick — I just have a quick thought to share about healthy eating: it doesn’t have to be glamorous! Most days, I just bring leftovers to school with me for lunch, along with snacks. I graze during classes, and heat up my main dish when I get a break. Today I had brussel sprouts (with garlic + EVOO) and brown rice which looked pretty boring, but tasted awesome. It filled me up, tasted delicious, and was exactly the type of thing I knew would keep me energized throughout the afternoon. I also brought some fruit with me, and I keep granola bars and peanut butter in my locker for when I need a boost.


Friends, eating in a way that feels good for your body doesn’t necessarily need to look good, too. My lunch wasn’t glamorous, but I didn’t need it to be. I needed it to fuel my day, and it accomplished that perfectly.

What are your favorite quick + easy lunch meals?

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