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Hi there! I’m Alexandra.


I’m a health coach and medical student, on a relentless pursuit of understanding the human body. I’m particularly interested in nutrition and wellness, and have been for as long as I can remember. As a high school athlete, I started investigating ways to improve my performance through food and nutrition, and I was amazed by the positive results. I went on to study food science in college, and then started graduate coursework in clinical nutrition and public health. After a few months working in research, I realized I was more drawn to working in a clinical setting, and switched paths to pursue medicine instead. I’ve just finished my first year as a medical student, and I’m loving every minute.


A little about me…

I’m an adventurous, optimistic, health nerd and total foodie. I love long walks, creamy iced coffee, and spending time with the important people in my life. I also am passionate about teaching others how to slow down and enjoy those things in their lives, too. Like so many others, I also have struggled with unhealthy eating and exercise habits, which drained the joy out of life and replaced it with added stress. I finally reached the realization in my early twenties that in order to live my life to the fullest, I needed to pay attention to every aspect of my health — spiritual, emotional, and physical.

I’m originally from the Chicago suburbs, but I lived in Indiana during college. I finally moved back to Illinois in 2017 for school, and so I could be closer to my family. When I’m not in class or geeking out about nutrition, I love hanging out in Chicago and Milwaukee, hiking, playing board games, and being silly with my two crazy-cute nephews. I also like experimenting with new recipes (though I’m terrible at following them correctly,) singing on the worship team at my church, and traveling when I get the chance.

All in all, I’m trying to get the most out of life — living in the moment, making puns at every opportunity, and not taking myself too seriously.

89320A little about the blog…

Food is a somewhat of a controversial subject today — everyone has opinions about nutrition, health, and wellness, but it’s hard to find resources that are rooted in scientific truth. There are thousands (millions, even) of products and seminars available that promise the secret to health, but if I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that crazy claims, freak diets, and extreme approaches (used for anything other than extreme medical cases) do more harm than good. That’s why I started blogging alongside my work with Nutra-Intuition, to help share what I’m learning about intuitive eating, natural medicine, and the importance of a balanced, low-stress lifestyle.

I’m not perfect, and I don’t want others to feel like they need to be, either. So, on my blog, I’ll be sharing bits about my totally messy life along with some nutrition and health information. We live in a world where we feel pressure to look, eat, and exercise a certain way, but I want to help others learn that they can be healthy and happy, even without an instagram-worthy lunch.

I also want to take the opportunity to share links to other blogs that emphasize an intuitive eating approach to health. I have been inspired by them, and I hope you will be, too!

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A little about Nutra-Intuition…


I started my nutrition coaching business for a couple reasons. First of all, I’m passionate about holistic health, and I didn’t want to wait any longer to start working in a clinical setting. I’d been providing health coaching occasionally for interested individuals at my university, and it occurred to me that starting an online business would be a great way to reach more people, beyond my local area. The video calls also make it easier to fit into busy schedules, and reduces the overhead costs. My areas of interest are disordered eating, hormonal imbalances, and managing GI issues — especially for women. Follow the links to learn more about my professional experience and coaching services, or schedule an appointment.