Meet Alexandra

img_2928-e1520013058387Alexandra graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in Food Science. During her undergraduate education, she became passionate about teaching others about the link between food and health. In an effort to explore this area further, she began working at the Center for Cancer Research, investigating the therapeutic effects of micro-nutrients in targeting disease. In addition to biochemistry, her research interests have included sustainable agricultural and mindful eating practices; the findings from which have been published in Claritas and JPUR academic journals. Alexandra also completed graduate coursework in Public Health and Clinical Nutrition, which provided a strong background in both nutrition and agriculture. Studying food science also satisfied pre-med requirements, and she was offered a full academic scholarship to Indiana University Medical School in 2012.

However, throughout her college education, Alexandra began to realize that the fast-paced, high-volume hospital setting was not how she wanted to practice medicine. As a doctor, she wanted the freedom to sit down and dig deep with her patients, so she could evaluate their health status in the context of their whole lifestyle. Alexandra believes that many diseases — especially chronic conditions — only require drugs or surgery in extreme cases, and often can be treated more effectively through gentle therapeutic approaches. Recognizing that standard medical education would not provide her with the necessary tools for holistic treatments, she instead chose to pursue a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from National University of Health Sciences. In studying natural medicine, Alexandra has been equipped to conduct individualized nutritional analyses, employ the use of supplements to target specific disease processes, and utilize manual therapies in the practice of internal medicine. She also is certified to practice acupuncture.

Today, Alexandra is working to shift the framework of health toward wellness and holistic, patient-centered medicine. She offers one-on-one client nutrition coaching at Nutra-Intuition that is based on functional medicine, intuitive eating, and farm-to-table philosophies. She also offers non-invasive acupressure therapies for a variety of health conditions.

Ultimately, Alexandra’s goal in medical care is to improve the lives of others and help them achieve true health.