Lab Testing

Regular blood chemistry analysis is important for monitoring health, which is why most yearly wellness physicals for adults typically involve a blood draw. Blood levels of certain nutrients and biochemicals give physicians important information about how best to support their patients. Blood work can help monitor treatment of conditions, or give clues on how to stop diseases before they start.

Insurance companies often refuse to pay for preventative and in-depth laboratory tests if they are specialized (i.e. food allergies, hormone panels, etc.) Furthermore, there are often extremely high associated costs for these tests, even with insurance coverage. Life Extension is a company that offers significantly discounted tests and does not require insurance information. This makes preventative medicine much more affordable and accessible!

Ordering Your Test

Click this button to navigate to the Life Extension Website. If you are ordering a blood test after a consultation with Alexandra, she will provide you with an email containing instructional information for placing the correct blood test order. Additional tests are also available at your own discretion.

  1. Click “Life Extension” button above
  2. On the website, select “Lab Testing” (upper right hand corner, below “my cart”)
  3. Select your blood test from the alphabetical list
  4. Select “Add to Cart”
  5. Checkout
  6. Register for an account & enter payment info
  7. Your test and paperwork will be mailed to you within 1 week

You will bring the lab order and testing kit to the Lab Corp location you selected during checkout to have your blood drawn, and they will provide you with additional instructions.

Test Results

The time required to receive test results varies depending on the type of test, and the format by which you receive them: email, fax, or UPS secure delivery. You will also be able to access them online.

At your next appointment, you and Alexandra will discuss the test results and establish a plan for moving forward to support your health.

View a Sample Report