Natural Health Consulting

Initial Session with Alexandra

During your 60-minute one on one initial session, you and Alexandra will discuss your past medical history, nutrition habits, current health concerns, as well as your current relationship with food, exercise, and your body. You will also discuss your lab work results, medications, and other testing methods to find the root cause of your symptoms. Ultimately, the goal will be to heal your body, eliminate your health concerns, and cultivate a healthy relationship with food, your body, and life! Together, you will put together a plan that will include dietary changes, mindfulness techniques, and a supplement protocol that suits your values and lifestyle. Sessions also include goal setting, helpful resources, and email support between your initial consultation and follow up sessions.

Cost: $345 per session


Follow-Up Session with Alexandra

Cultivating a healthy lifestyle and balanced relationship with food and making healthy choices is a lifelong process, but an important investment of your time and effort. To maximize your success, you and Alexandra will check in periodically to evaluate your goal progress, re-evaluate lab work, and monitor the resolution of your symptoms. You’ll also have the opportunity to discuss concerns, answer questions, and receive the support you need to transform your health.

Cost: $175 for 45 minutes (recommended) | $145 for 30 minutes

Save with a bundle of three 45 minute sessions: $495