Nutrition Coaching


The Nutra-Intuition approach utilizes philosophies and techniques derived from cognitive behavioral therapy, intuitive eating, and motivational interviewing. Our process is team-based, which means that you will take an active role in learning how to manage your health for the rest of your life.

Initial ‘Meet and Greet’ Consultation 

During your introductory consultation, you will have a one-on-one meeting where Alexandra can get to know you and start to discuss your health concerns. You will also learn more about the Nutra-Intuition approach, and make a plan to set goals and reach them! At this initial appointment, you will be provided with the materials you will need for subsequent appointments, especially the following nutrition analysis.

Nutrition Analysis 

This second meeting will involve an in-depth exploration of your health history and relationship with food, including exercise, body image, self care, spirituality and relationships. You and Alexandra will then work together to create specific, long-term goals and an actionable plan to start taking steps towards them right away. From this point in the process, Alexandra will be providing you with helpful resources and email support throughout the time you will be working together, to supplement subsequent appointments.

Follow-Up Appointments

Cultivating a healthy relationship with food and achieving freedom from food rules is a lifelong process. Each 30 minute follow-up appointment will provide an opportunity for you to check in with Alexandra regarding questions and concerns you are having so you can measure your progress, and make changes (as necessary) to keep moving forward. Specific to your individual goals, Alexandra will continue to support and guide you towards a healthy mind, body, and spirit.